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A month of music!

Checking in with all my #Chlovërs out there! It's been a busy few weeks on the go since I finished my Paddy's celebration tour here on the West Coast! It was such a joy getting to travel back to some of my favorite cities to sing some of my favorite Irish songs for you all. A massive thanks to everyone who came out and made my first official solo tour here in the US such a success and an incredibly memorable few weeks on the road. I've been working non stop to plan some more tour dates for the rest of the year and planning to come visit as many of you as I can! :-)

The last 2 weeks here in LA I got to play two legendary music venues with amazingly talented friends of mine- The Viper Room with my Irish pals Ultan Conlon & Sean Maguire was a night I'll remember for a very long amazing! And I got to play The Hotel Cafe with my fab pal Marissa Lauren! Two awesome venues I've ALWAYS wanted to play...and can now check off my bucket list! Woooooo!!!!

Have added some pics to my gallery- along with some photos from my recent US tour, shot by my dear friend "Iron Mike Savoia' who's taken some of my fave pics over the years. Head on over to check 'em out!

An historic time for Ireland this month, as we celebrate and remember 100 years since the Easter Rising. In honor of my great grandfather who fought for our freedom in the Rising, I filmed a little video of me singing 'Grace' which tells the sad and touching story of Grace Gifford who married Joseph Plunkett, Irish nationalist, poet, journalist, and a leader of the 1916 Easter Rising, in his death cell just hours before his execution. Check out my official Facebook page and have a listen to it over there! I do hope you enjoy it!

Coming up next week I fly to Atlanta to be reunited with my Celtic Sister, Lisa Kelly & 'The Voice of Ireland' show team! It has been without a doubt one of the highlights annually for the last few years-it feels like being up there with family on the stage- not the mention the love & support from our #CelticCommunities who support us so phenomenally every single time. I know I may be a bit biased....but it's hands down one the best nights entertainment and fun and hope lots of you will be there to join us this time! Tickets & more info over in my tour dates section! 

I simply can't wait to see y'all!

Till then....Lots of love....C x

Paddy's madness begins!

March is here and it's that wonderful month of the year when all things Irish are celebrated on March 17th! As you guys know I'm busy here in LA finishing up shooting the independent movie I've been working on...along with prepping for my upcoming 'St.Patrick's Day Celebration' shows! Loving every second of rehearsing some of my favorite Irish songs and can't wait to get out there and perform them for y'all who are joining me in LA,Portland and Seattle! Ticket links and more info over in my tour dates section.

I've also updated my press articles page with a great Q&A piece I did with chatting about my upcoming gigs so check that out! You can find it under the Press & Promo link on my about page!

I had so much fun chatting and connecting with you all on both my Live Video Stream and Q&A on Facebook these past two weeks! You had me laughing and thinking out loud and I really enjoyed every minute of it! My two pups Bonnie and Clyde also made their debut online appearance and had so much fun!!! 

And.... YES, I've heard your requests to do more sooooo... I will be doing another live video stream from here in LA on my official @ChloeAgnew Facebook page this Thursday March 10th at 6pm PST!!!! Hoping you guys will stream in and join me for some more questions,songs and laughs!

Lots more videos and fun new content coming soon! Stay tuned!

Sending you my love and best wishes always...

C xxx

Hello from me!!!

Hey there everybody!

My first official blog on my new website!!! Woooo!!!! I'm so thrilled to finally have this site launched, its been long overdue and the day has arrived! :-)

I've had a crazy, amazing, life changing few years since I moved on from Celtic Woman and I really feel I've reconnected with a part of myself that was lost for some time in the madness of something that was all I had known for almost a decade. This whole new world and being out on my own has helped me grow and learn new things about myself everyday! Realizing its not about the destination but its the journey that matters the most as they say. Hoping this new site will give you guys the chance to stay up to date with where I'm at in life and my next big moves!!!!

Back in LA (where I'm now living) from a jam packed few months at home in Ireland. I had my first solo sell out show at the beautiful National Concert Hall in my hometown Dublin. Accompanied by the best musicians and my wonderful special guests, it was truly one of the best nights of my life on stage and one I will always remember! So here in LA where I'm currently filming my debut movie role, playing the part of 'Becky' in Frantic Lounge Films 'Whine Party'. Having the time of my life and loving being back in the acting world.

Annndddd..busy prepping, rehearsing and planning for my upcoming 'St Patrick's Day Celebration' shows in LA,Portland and Seattle! Cannot wait to celebrate the month that's in it with lots of stories and our favorite Irish tunes!!!! Head over to my tour dates section for ticket links and more info!!!!!

So #Chlovërs stay tuned on here for your #1 source for keeping up to date with my whereabouts in the world and when I'm coming to see you next!!! 

Thanks always for your constant love and support! Each one of you means the world to me! Will check in again soon!

Lots of love and hugs always,

Chloë xxxx